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The first week of August is world breastfeeding week. I’ve experienced a lot of trials in my life, yet the journey of breastfeeding was one of the hardest (mentally, physically, and emotionally). There is so much happening from the second you give birth. With it there is this intense desire to nurture your baby. They say it’s the most natural thing, your body knows what it’s doing, and it doesn’t hurt too much. Lies! The pain on that first latch is still engrained in my mind six year later. The constant feeding and dread in between feeds from the raw pain felt anything but natural. I made mental goals of surviving “1 week, 1 month, 6 months, that’s good, anything is good, we don’t need to get to a year.”

Fast forward six years and 2 children and I feel so very different than I did those first couple of weeks of motherhood. With an amazing support system, I was able to pull through and nurse both of my kids well past their first birthdays. It created this bond that I feel so honored to have.

Shortly after my daughters second birthday, I knew our end to breastfeeding would be coming sooner than later. So I decided to take a moment during our family photos to celebrate our journey. It’s much harder to wrangle a two year old gracefully as opposed to the cute baby milk bath nursing sessions I had wanted but never got around to doing. It was definitely worth it in retrospect because she ended up self-weaning on Christmas eve, and I never got much more photos of the tail end of our breastfeeding journey.

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2021 – Reflections

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Happy new years!

Although it’s feeling a bit repetitive. Same problems, concerns, limitations, and burnout. Mental exhaustion from all the constant back and forth, the unknown, and everything else. Yes folks, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. So you’d think after about two years of it, we would be a bit more prepared… but we aren’t. So it’s easy to look back at the blur that has been 2021 and come out wondering how a whole year just passed us and it still somehow feels like 2020. 
So to put a much needed positive spin on it, I’ll be reflecting on 2021 and all the accomplishments. I just want to add that even a small step towards a bigger goal is still an accomplishment. We learn just as much from the falls as we do from the tiny steps. In 2021 I did my first elopement session! I also did my first out of town wedding. I also switched website hosts and learned a lot while relaunching my website. I survived (barely) virtual school with my son. I self weaned my daughter after 28 months of nursing. I attended and completed therapy for the first time to work on my anxiety. I did the most sessions in a year and that’s counting with the five months of complete lockdown! 
So hello 2022, I won’t claim or expect anything from you.


Back to Normal?

Two school years have passed with disruptions, confusion, and so much adjusting. As most of us cling to little glimpses of our pre pandemic “normal”, are we setting ourselves up for more disappointment? Are we turning a blind eye or just being mentally/emotionally exhausted from lockdowns, waves, and uncertainty?

Preventative measures are in place from masks, vaccines, new protocols, and added precautions. Back to school sales are in full effect as we shop with weariness in the back of our heads. Should we prep for a virtual classroom if another lockdown takes place? Or buy extra clothes and lunch supplies for an in-person year with no interruptions? All well the struggle to balance working from home with virtual school just a few months ago is still fresh in our minds.

It is hard to imagine what our new normal will consist of. Maybe we will adopt a new acceptable social distance or wear masks in public when we are sick. As we continue to tread unknown territory, I wish a safe school year to our children, and a sane school year for the fellow parents.

*This excerpt can be found in the Highland Creek Newspaper – Fall 2021 Issue

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The Bucket List


New year and all those resolutions. I really wanted to focus on my business this year and broaden my horizons. I decided the best way to approach it was to create a bucket list! I’ve had a few sessions under my belt that I was pining for (see some below).

Now I’m going to talk about some of the sessions I’d like to do in the future:

The Bucket List

  • Homebirth: The beauty of bringing life to this world, the emotions, and everything in between. This is definitely in my top sets of things I’d love to capture for a family.
  • Rainy day: I’d love to do a couple of engagement rainy session, it is all sorts of unique, lustful, and romantic. 
  • Hospice/Goodbye: I wouldn’t enjoy this session, however I understand the importance of being able to capture memories with someone whose time with loved ones is limited. 
  • Foggy fields: There is something so mysterious and striking about a foggy day.
  • Surprise engagement
  • Nighttime: I’d love to capture a fun night (think CNE, bright lights with a night sky). 
  • Post break-up/divorce session: It would be so badass to capture the raw emotion and power of an individual who is closing one chapter of their life.
  • Waterfalls: Any couples interested in making the trek to South Ontario to hike, explore, and most importantly take some intimate shots in the waterfalls?

Do you see anything that you’d like to be a part of? Contact me and we can discuss, I’d be happy to offer a discount on a bucket list session! Ultimately I’m excited to have the opportunity to capture/create any of these scenarios.


The Wall

Digital images are amazing, they are a swipe and push away. I love having all my photos stored in “the cloud”, but the ones that make it on the wall I love a little more. Those moments get a special place where they get proudly displayed for all to see. The photos of mommy and daddy when they first met, got married, or before they even became mommy and daddy. The ones as a family of the three of us, and the ones when Eli “is a cute baby”. The one with grandma and grandpa, and the one with grandma we don’t see as often, but still see everyday on the wall. 

These photos, they should be put on display in our home. This is us. The trips, the nostalgia, the past, our history, it’s all in these photos. The bickering before that perfect photo, the meltdown after, the heartburn that we were experiencing at that very moment. I had to be my first client when I wanted to start offering professional printing lab services. So I did the switch, paid more, got the order, and rearranged the wall with more memories and room for the future.

The photos are amazing already, but the quality made it that much more. From photo albums, walls, the staircase gallery, nightstands, to canvas’ for all to enjoy and reminisce, I am seeing the appeal from a personal standpoint on having professional lab prints. Prints are available with all sessions so you can start or add to your version of “the wall”. Check out some print options and offers here.

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Pandemic Wedding Day

Pandemic Wedding Day

We have all been directly impacted by covid, but these two had to have their wedding scheduled for another year. 
How frustrating is it to be ready for this big day and for it to all be up in the air indefinitely? 

Well we had to celebrate the day regardless and that involved a VERY early wake-up call to catch the sunrise along the beach. I thought how fun would it be to have these photos to remember the day that should of been, and to incorporate the reason why it couldn’t be.

We started off the shoot with proper post pandemic hygiene etiquette, and a gorgeous backlit sunrise horizon. Freed themselves of their masks, (disclaimer it was all disposed of appropriately, please don’t litter our earth!), and enjoyed the gorgeous views while taking a moment to embrace the day that should have been their wedding day. Exchanged the rings and vowed to wait for another day to express their love with their loved ones. Took photos as the sun rose and enjoyed the moment for what it was. Than fully committed to the whole thing and got into water; which may I add was freezing cold on this particular (Canadian) summer day.

Congratulations guys! It may not have been your wedding day after all, but your love has grown, endured, and most importantly laughed.

Planning a micro-wedding or an elopement? Contact to discuss your one of a kind post-pandemic vision.


First Day of School

First Day of School

I’ve been contemplating back and forth on starting my own blog. I really wanted to be able to hold myself accountable to capture with words and photos things are important to me now. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and make my first entry just in time for my sons first day of school, EVER. 

I know the first time sending off your kids is hard. They literally feel like a physical part of you. Your whole life has revolved around them since the second they came into this world. We planned for this day, but didn’t consider a pandemic in tow for this big first. So now our fears of “how they will do” is mixed with this extra slimy layer of doubt, guilt, fear, and faith. Four years and the longest I’ve been away from this little guy at one time is maybe twelve hours. I’ve literally watched him grow, and yet am still shocked at how he grew. It makes no sense until you look at my mom who looks at me the same way. Who is a constant reminder to enjoy these days even on the most trying ones when I’m secretly (or not so secretly) counting down the seconds to bedtime.

To Marco on your first day of school. This is such a big day for you, you might not remember it, but I’ll always remember my first day at school. I hope you’re half as traumatized (hopefully not at all), and instead excited. I hope you make friends. I hope no one is mean to you. I hope you stand up for yourself when you need to. I hope you listen. I hope you learn. I hope you laugh, and most importantly I hope you remember some of the time before school when it was just you and mom.