Bobi Paz owner and photographer of Bobi Photography. Toronto family photographer. Scarborough photographer

Hello there. Looking for a lifestyle photographer?

I really prefer my photos do the majority of the talking instead of me (I’ll talk enough at our session). If you’re in the market for a lifestyle photographer in the GTA including but not limited to Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Markham, Toronto, and Richmond Hill, keep on reading!

About me

My name is Bobi (pronunciation: Bobby). I was raised in Texas, but here I am back to my Canadian roots. I am one of those millennials that dropped my career to pursue a more adventurous and creative outlet. It’s been over five years in the photography business and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve always been creatively driven (I give my left-handedness some credit for that), and find so much comfort and passion in photography.

When I’m not taking photos or editing them, you can find me in the kitchen cooking all the foods, outdoors with my kids in spite of the elements, binge watching tv, or aimlessly scrolling some form of social media (yes it’s TikTok). I have two kids that are three years apart, that keep me pretty busy when I’m not working. Some of my life long dreams include writing a book and seeing the northern lights in person.

About my photography approach

I work with toddlers and their tantrums (occasional husband ones too), anxious moms that worry about every detail (I’ll do the worrying for both of us), the shy ones that need to a gentle nudging out of their shell (my husbands an introvert), the awkward that really don’t know what to do (what do I do with my hands?!), and even teenagers. I try my best to be flexible, funny, and frank (I’m pretty straightforward). 

Before becoming a photographer, I have always been a consumer. We all are. So I use my firsthand experiences to try to provide my clients with ease of mind. For example if mother nature is not on our side, I try to be flexible when possible, but you don’t forfeit your retainer for something beyond our control. I also try my best to provide a boutique experience which includes not overbooking a day to give us leniency if needed (due to weather, adjusting 30 minutes because of a late naptime, or adding on extra time if needed). After booking you will receive a questionnaire so you can voice any concerns you have, and so I can get to know you to create a personal experience.

My niche is portrait lifestyle photography sessions including branding, engagement, maternity, newborn, and family. I do some milestone events (anniversaries) but mainly only micro-weddings and elopements as far as events go. All my work is processed through Adobe platforms and using Canon equipment.

Want to get an even deeper glimpse of what goes on in my mind? Check out my blog. There are posts regarding photography, but also motherhood, and current events.

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