The Wall

Digital images are amazing, they are a swipe and push away. I love having all my photos stored in “the cloud”, but the ones that make it on the wall I love a little more. Those moments get a special place where they get proudly displayed for all to see. The photos of mommy and daddy when they first met, got married, or before they even became mommy and daddy. The ones as a family of the three of us, and the ones when Eli “is a cute baby”. The one with grandma and grandpa, and the one with grandma we don’t see as often, but still see everyday on the wall. 

These photos, they should be put on display in our home. This is us. The trips, the nostalgia, the past, our history, it’s all in these photos. The bickering before that perfect photo, the meltdown after, the heartburn that we were experiencing at that very moment. I had to be my first client when I wanted to start offering professional printing lab services. So I did the switch, paid more, got the order, and rearranged the wall with more memories and room for the future.

The photos are amazing already, but the quality made it that much more. From photo albums, walls, the staircase gallery, nightstands, to canvas’ for all to enjoy and reminisce, I am seeing the appeal from a personal standpoint on having professional lab prints. Prints are available with all sessions so you can start or add to your version of “the wall”. Check out some print options and offers here.

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