Back to Normal?

Two school years have passed with disruptions, confusion, and so much adjusting. As most of us cling to little glimpses of our pre pandemic “normal”, are we setting ourselves up for more disappointment? Are we turning a blind eye or just being mentally/emotionally exhausted from lockdowns, waves, and uncertainty?

Preventative measures are in place from masks, vaccines, new protocols, and added precautions. Back to school sales are in full effect as we shop with weariness in the back of our heads. Should we prep for a virtual classroom if another lockdown takes place? Or buy extra clothes and lunch supplies for an in-person year with no interruptions? All well the struggle to balance working from home with virtual school just a few months ago is still fresh in our minds.

It is hard to imagine what our new normal will consist of. Maybe we will adopt a new acceptable social distance or wear masks in public when we are sick. As we continue to tread unknown territory, I wish a safe school year to our children, and a sane school year for the fellow parents.

*This excerpt can be found in the Highland Creek Newspaper – Fall 2021 Issue

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