First Day of School

First Day of School

I’ve been contemplating back and forth on starting my own blog. I really wanted to be able to hold myself accountable to capture with words and photos things are important to me now. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and make my first entry just in time for my sons first day of school, EVER. 

I know the first time sending off your kids is hard. They literally feel like a physical part of you. Your whole life has revolved around them since the second they came into this world. We planned for this day, but didn’t consider a pandemic in tow for this big first. So now our fears of “how they will do” is mixed with this extra slimy layer of doubt, guilt, fear, and faith. Four years and the longest I’ve been away from this little guy at one time is maybe twelve hours. I’ve literally watched him grow, and yet am still shocked at how he grew. It makes no sense until you look at my mom who looks at me the same way. Who is a constant reminder to enjoy these days even on the most trying ones when I’m secretly (or not so secretly) counting down the seconds to bedtime.

To Marco on your first day of school. This is such a big day for you, you might not remember it, but I’ll always remember my first day at school. I hope you’re half as traumatized (hopefully not at all), and instead excited. I hope you make friends. I hope no one is mean to you. I hope you stand up for yourself when you need to. I hope you listen. I hope you learn. I hope you laugh, and most importantly I hope you remember some of the time before school when it was just you and mom. 

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