Fall to do list

Every fall I get whisked away in all the cozy vibes and can’t help myself. For those that aren’t as full embrace mode of fall or want some ideas here is my yearly fall checklist.

Apple picking – There are so many beautiful orchards in southern Ontario. Spend some time collecting fresh off the tree apples. Enjoy on the car ride home, and further the fall aesthetic with a homemade apple pie or caramel coated apples.

Pumpkin patch – Did you even go if you don’t have any photos of it? A quintessential photo op and usually comes with more things to do at local farms. There are usually corn mazes, tractor rides, and some farm animals for little ones to enjoy.

You know what makes fall even better? Halloween! So every October we have a scary movie night marathon or countdown and watch horribly produced horror movies/shows and eat sweets, treats, and all the other eats.

Go for a walk – After spending so much of my life in Texas, I will give Canada credit where it’s due. The seasons are like no other. So grab a PSL or any other warm bevvy and enjoy the beautiful colours of the fall foliage and that crisp air that doesn’t hurt your face just yet.

Buy fall aesthetic decor – DIY or just grab it ready to go, fall decor equates to literal comfort and no place like home feels. Light a candle (my favourite fall one being sweater weather) and enjoy the mums, pumpkins, and everything else.

While there are also so many other things to do, these are just a few things we do every year like clockwork and have become family traditions.


World Breastfeeding Week Blog

toronto photographer breastfeeding blog

The first week of August is world breastfeeding week. I’ve experienced a lot of trials in my life, yet the journey of breastfeeding was one of the hardest (mentally, physically, and emotionally). There is so much happening from the second you give birth. With it there is this intense desire to nurture your baby. They say it’s the most natural thing, your body knows what it’s doing, and it doesn’t hurt too much. Lies! The pain on that first latch is still engrained in my mind six year later. The constant feeding and dread in between feeds from the raw pain felt anything but natural. I made mental goals of surviving “1 week, 1 month, 6 months, that’s good, anything is good, we don’t need to get to a year.”

Fast forward six years and 2 children and I feel so very different than I did those first couple of weeks of motherhood. With an amazing support system, I was able to pull through and nurse both of my kids well past their first birthdays. It created this bond that I feel so honored to have.

Shortly after my daughters second birthday, I knew our end to breastfeeding would be coming sooner than later. So I decided to take a moment during our family photos to celebrate our journey. It’s much harder to wrangle a two year old gracefully as opposed to the cute baby milk bath nursing sessions I had wanted but never got around to doing. It was definitely worth it in retrospect because she ended up self-weaning on Christmas eve, and I never got much more photos of the tail end of our breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding resources: