2021 – Reflections

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Happy new years!

Although it’s feeling a bit repetitive. Same problems, concerns, limitations, and burnout. Mental exhaustion from all the constant back and forth, the unknown, and everything else. Yes folks, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. So you’d think after about two years of it, we would be a bit more prepared… but we aren’t. So it’s easy to look back at the blur that has been 2021 and come out wondering how a whole year just passed us and it still somehow feels like 2020. 
So to put a much needed positive spin on it, I’ll be reflecting on 2021 and all the accomplishments. I just want to add that even a small step towards a bigger goal is still an accomplishment. We learn just as much from the falls as we do from the tiny steps. In 2021 I did my first elopement session! I also did my first out of town wedding. I also switched website hosts and learned a lot while relaunching my website. I survived (barely) virtual school with my son. I self weaned my daughter after 28 months of nursing. I attended and completed therapy for the first time to work on my anxiety. I did the most sessions in a year and that’s counting with the five months of complete lockdown! 
So hello 2022, I won’t claim or expect anything from you.

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