Early Spring Photography Locations

Taking photos in the early spring or late fall can be a bit tricky sometimes. Living up north we really get to experience the seasons in its whole spectrum. However that means sometimes the transitional periods can be dominated by brown tones as far as the landscape goes. Here’s a few location suggestions and tips to capture stunning shots for your spring photography needs. Bonus this list is also applicable for late fall/early winter!

1. The beach and other bodies of water 

There’s usually no greenery at the beach so a spring session at the beach is an easy go to. If you’re in the Toronto area, popular spots like the Scarborough bluffs and Ashbridges Bay park are great for photo opportunities and not as busy as they usually are in the summer. No beach around? That’s okay, practically any body of water can provide a gorgeous backdrop all year round.

2. In-season foliage

Choose locations dense with coniferous trees to provide greenery when there isn’t any. If you’re fortunate to find areas that have pampas growing, they can also be a great substitute to traditional foliage. Alternatively tall stalks of grass can give a gorgeous foreground to portraits. Methodically placed trees can also give gorgeous backdrops. Essentially find what is in-season local to where you are and use it to your advantage! Also note things like cherry blossoms, and other flowering trees may start to flower earlier and find those locations to utilize depending on where in the spring season you are.

3. The city and architecture

Take advantage of architecture when nature isn’t at its prime. Cityscapes can be beautiful and provide lots of vibrancy for backdrops. In the Toronto core there are locations such as Yorkville, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and The Distillery District which are great for downtown photoshoot options. On the east end of the city is the very well known Guildwood Park, which features unique architecture pieces in a large garden setting. Bridges, stone walls, and wooden boardwalks also can help appease the brown undertones of early spring. Please note permits may be required.

4. The sky

Spring sunrises and sunsets can get really dramatic. So when the ground is looking a little flat, opt to utilize the sky as your jaw dropping background instead. Aim for days that have a mix of clouds for a wide array of orange, pink, and reds. Plan a sunrise photoshoot and catch the sun breaking the sky for amazing silhouette shots.

5. Embrace the brown

Use all the brown to your advantage by letting you (the subject) come front stage. You won’t have to compete with busy backgrounds. Utilize your outfits to add depth and be the pop in your spring portraits. Family portraits can be done all year round, but spring is great when it comes to parking, not dealing with crowds, getting sweaty from the heat, but also not having to wear full winter gear.

I hope these suggestions help inspire you if you’re feeling a bit underwhelmed with backdrop options about an early spring photography session.

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