Why bother with selfies?

I decided to compile a collage since I started my motherhood journey, with every selfie of me with my kids. Seven years of motherhood in a 35 second video. No, it’s not a lot of photos, but each one was taking with intention. 

In the beginning I’d take an occasional photo of my son and I to commemorate our nursing journey, a milestone, or just because I knew if I didn’t take a photo with me in it, who would? The one’s my husband takes are few and far between. I started caring less about how I looked in the photo and more about capturing a moment. The messy bun was a given, but that exact moment in time was fleeting. 

I used to take selfies for me. To show off my new hair, cute makeup, a nice outfit, or a different place.  Now I take them for my kids. So they remember how they saw me. That I have always been here next to them, teaching, learning, loving, laughing, and living. That the perfect moment for a photo is the moment you take it. And all the happiness they give off in a picture is instantly contagious. That every photo of their joy heals the little girl inside me. A reminder that their lack of appreciation and entitlement sometimes, is because they never had to experience a life without.

So take those selfies, be in the photos with your kids. One day you will look back at them and you’ll never regret that you did.


A 7 year collage of every selfie of me with my kids. It’d be a lot shorter if it was photos taken of me with them. #motherhood #7years #yellow #selfies

♬ Yellow – Coldplay
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