We have all been directly impacted by covid, but these two had to have their wedding postponed. 
How frustrating is it to be prepared for this big day and for it to all be up in the air indefinitely? 
Well we had to celebrate the day regardless and that involved a VERY early wake-up call to catch the sunrise along the beach.
I thought how fun would it be to have these photos to remember the day that should of been, and to incorporate the reason why it couldn't be. 

     We started off the shoot with proper post pandemic hygiene etiquette and a gorgeous backlit sunrise horizon. 
Freed themselves of their masks, (disclaimer it was all disposed of appropriately, please don't litter our earth!), and enjoyed the gorgeous views while taking a moment to embrace the day that should have been their wedding day.
                             Exchanged the rings and vowed to wait for another day to express their love with their loved ones.
       Took photos as the sun rose and enjoyed the moment for what it was. 
Than fully committed to the whole thing and got into water; which may I add was freezing cold on this particular (Canadian) summer day. Congratulations guys! It may not have been your wedding day after all, but your love has grown, endured, and most importantly laughed.
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