The Title: Mother

mother's day reflection

I never knew a title could consume so much of me. That there is a timeline in my mind of my life with a hard divide of before and after. Who I was before kids, and who I am after. 

Some days I embrace the title, proudly dawn it on my shirt (the one that is loosely fitted to help my judgmental mind). Some days I find the title heavy to carry, like a weight that buries me deeper into the ground with every step I take. 

These little humans will become adults one day and I’m supposed to give them all the tools for success. Tools that I don’t seem to have myself on some days. Some tools that I have never had the privilege to ever have.

Happy mother’s day. One day to celebrate mountains of movement that most mothers do. It isn’t easy, and I’m not sure it ever will be. That is part of the title.

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