The Bucket List

New year and all those resolutions. I really wanted to focus on my business this year and broaden my horizons. I decided the best way to approach it was to create a bucket list! I’ve had a few sessions under my belt that I was pining for (see some in the gallery at the bottom of this blog).

Now I’m going to talk about some of the sessions I’d like to do in the future:

  • Homebirth: The beauty of bringing life to this world, the pain, the emotions, and everything in between. This is definitely in my top sets of things I’d love to capture for a family and mother. 
  • Rainy day: I’d love to do a couple of engagement rainy session, it is all sorts of unique, lustful, and romantic. 
  • Hospice/Goodbye: I wouldn’t enjoy this session, but I understand the importance of being able to capture memories with someone whose time left with loved ones is limited. 
  • Foggy fields: There is something so mysterious and striking about a foggy day. The way the subjects are in complete focus. 
  • Surprise engagement: I’m not sure if it’s because I’m horrible at surprises and haven’t been able to be properly surprised before something getting ruined for me that really makes me want to take part of a successful surprise!
  • Nighttime: I’d love to capture a fun night (think CNE, bright lights with a night sky). 
  • Post break-up/divorce session: whether its trashing the dress, burning some pictures, or finding a creative way to break the invisible chains of a past relationship. I’d be so honored to capture the raw emotion and power of an individual who is closing one chapter of their life.
  • Waterfalls: Any couples interested in making the trek to South Ontario to hike, explore, and take some intimate shots in the waterfalls?

Do you see anything that you’d like to be a part of? Contact me and we can discuss, I’d be happy to offer a discount on a bucket list session! I do acknowledge some of these may not be possible during Covid restrictions but there’s no timeline on my bucket list. I’d just love to have the opportunity to capture/create any of these scenarios.

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